The Beauty of Nature


17098足彩复式汇总开奖   Many years ago,I lived in my hometown,which was a small countryside,but I loved everything there.I remembered that the sky was very blue and the river was so clean that I could see fish swimming.I was so close to nature and I enjoyed what the nature brought to us.But now,when I go back to my hometown find that the environment has been polluted badly.I can barely see birds flying in the sky.I miss the beautiful nature.It is such shameful for people to destroy the environment.It is everybody's duty to protect the environment.We can't live if we don't get along well with nature.

  許多年前,我住在家鄉My Hometown'>我的家鄉,那是一個小鄉村,但是我喜歡那里的一切。我記得,那時候天空很藍,河水很干凈,我可以看到魚兒在游泳。我是如此的接觸大自然,享受大自然給我們帶來的一切。但是現在,當我回到家鄉,我發現環境污染嚴重,我幾乎看不到鳥兒在天上飛。我懷念美麗的大自然。人們破壞了環境是多么可恥啊。?;せ肪呈敲扛鋈說腦鶉?,如果我們無法與自然和睦相處,那么就我們也就無法存活了。

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